H. Tones Oxford Garage is waiting to help you with your financial queries.

We have helped many of our happy customers secure the best finance deal for their budget. Even if you have a poor credit rating, we can help you gain the finance you need!

We have flexible finance options available with the choice between HP (Hire Purchase) & PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) to buy your future car with. You choose your own deposit amount, we even have the offer of putting down a £0 deposit.

How to get approved for finance?

Get in touch with one of our team by either filling out a form or by calling 01429 866554, then we will ask you some basic questions which will help us understand if we can get you approved on one of our finance deals. The process only takes a few minutes.

How do the finance options work?

Hire purchase (HP) = A way to finance buying a used car. You can pay a deposit and pay off the value of the car in monthly instalments, with the loan secured against the car. This means you don’t own the vehicle until the last payment is made.

Personal contract purchase (PCP) = You won’t be paying off the full value of the car and you don't own it at the end of the deal (unless you choose to pay off the lump sum).