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Top Tips for buying a used car

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Buying a used car can save a lot of money compared buying brand new. However you can’t just expect to buy any used car and assume because it is cheaper it will run perfectly fine, you need to consider how much a car will cost in the long term to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

What to look for

It’s important to know what to look for when buying a used car to make sure you get a reliable vehicle at the best price. Not only that you have to make sure that the garage you are buying the car from is genuine and that they won’t sell you an old banger that only has a few miles left on the clock.

Some key things to ask about when considering buying a used car should be:

Cars milage – Does the milage of the car look right for the age of it? If you are thinking of buying a newer car that has a lot of miles, things are more likely to go wrong. However, this isn’t always always true.

Documentation – Ask to see all the documentation of the car, its history to check for any damages and the V5C document which will ensure you are able to tax the vehicle.

Previous usage – You can check a vehicle’s MOT history online to see if the car has had and major work done that your garage has forgot to tell you.

Check the car

Before purchasing a vehicle ask for a test drive, you can make sure all the car controls such as the window wipers, indicators and lights work. Look under the bonnet to see if there is any damage, you don’t have to be a car expert to see if the engine is on its last legs.

Who to buy a used car off

When purchasing a car you should always buy from a reliable and trustworthy company to guarantee you are receiving the best deal and to find out if there is any problems about that car prior to purchase.

Ask around

Ask your friends and family where they have bought a car from to find out how reliable the garage is. Most of the time a local garage will gain a good reputation by word of mouth. While asking your friends and family which Garages buy a car from, be sure to ask which garages to avoid too.

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