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5 Reasons To Buy a Used Car in Hartlepool

5 Reasons To Buy a Used Car in Hartlepool 12 | 13 | 19

5 Reasons To Buy a Used Car in Hartlepool 

When it comes to buying a vehicle, there are benefits to buying either a new car or a used car, buying a used car is a fantastic option. You can save money as well as getting to drive around in a great vehicle without overstretching your budget. Our used cars in Hartlepool are available immediately, which makes the process run a lot quicker than purchasing a new car. Below we have highlighted 5 great reasons to buy a used car. 

1. Minimising Depreciation 

No matter what car you purchase, sadly, it will depreciate. However, according to research typically new cars will depreciate about 20% as soon as they are driven from the garage and then another 10% in the first year, that’s a 30% loss in value during one year of ownership. By buying a used car, you can avoid this depreciation hit! Even with all the packages and perks that come with new vehicles, the law of depreciation remains inevitable, and it comes at an expensive cost! 

2. The Money Saved Can be Enjoyed Elsewhere 

This is what we love about selling used cars in Hartlepool, we get to see our customers save money! The money saved on buying a used car as opposed to a new one can be spent elsewhere, meaning it hasn’t impacted on future transactions. Which is something that should be thought about when purchasing a car, what if you need to reinvest in your vehicle later on? You don’t want to be overstretching yourself, it is always wise to have money left over incase something went wrong. Furthermore, the money could go on making memories, and visiting new places with your family, which is worth more than any new car. 

3. Cars Last Longer Now

Cars are now built to last longer than age, and vehicle manufacturers have made impressive strives. In terms of mileage, cars last longer, although it can still be off putting when buying a car with high mileage which is why we only sell used low mileage cars in Hartlepool. When purchasing a used car, it is still good to have it checked by a mechanic, but these days used cars remaining lifespan deserves to be put to rest. 

4. Variety of Choices 

It is always a good thing to have options and the used car market offers incredible choices to drivers, the selection is endless. Our used cars in Hartlepool dealership has an excellent variety of lovely vehicles on offer! Once you know your budget and what you’re after, it is quick and easy to get looking! Don’t stress if you can’t decide which excellent deal you want to go for, we are here to help with that. 

5. Peace of Mind 

Many people used to be apprehensive when purchasing a used car, incase they were ‘buying into someone else’s problems’, however now this risk is minimised. There are many companies, and online resources that produce a full vehicle history, displaying information such as mileage, or whether it has been written off. Here at Tones we provide a full service history and vehicle check so you can be at peace your car is going to be in perfect condition from the day you drive off in it. 

There you have it, our 5 reasons to buy a used car Hartlepool! We could have listed more but we’d be here all day. We hope you found it helpful and if you are further are long with your decision to purchase a used car as your next vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us for help! 

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